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Structure and Leisure

Check out all that the structure of the Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz Resort & SPA offers for comfort, fun and rest of your family or your group during your stay with us. They are ten hectares of contact with nature, services of quality and much entertainment.


Adventure Activities

The Adventure Activities are coordinated by the competent Tartarugas Leisure and Sustainability team. There are several activities options, paid separately, for children (with kids routes), adolescents and adults. The security concerns are evident: in all activities there is a Security Management System in accordance with technical standards. Get to know below the activities offered to guests of the Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz Resort & SPA and learn more about the Tartarugas Adventure Activities:

  • Tree Climbing: A mix of acrobatic activities and fauna and flora contemplation, recalling the characteristics of the tree climbing used by researchers. The main feature of course is the functionality because it meets adventurous, third age and children. For kids, there is a special journey – the Kids Path. It is 458 meters long (two tyroleans), 25 activities, training section and about two hours of activity.
  • Rafting: In the Cubatão River, with clean and transparent water, the practitioner is surrounded by lush forest of the Serra do Tabuleiro Park. There you can find excellent rapids, ideal for those who look for excitement. This activity does not require previous experience and can be practiced by anyone. There are varying degrees of difficulty, giving the choice to the practitioner go on which feel prepared to face. Rafting is great for the integration of groups and play with friends, family and coworkers.
  • Canyoning: Near the base of Caldas das Tartarugas in Mata Atlâtica, city of Águas Mornas, more precisely Forquilhas River, is one of the local practice of canyoning. This activity exploreS rivers on foot, by swimming, jumping, floating and using vertical techniques. No previous experience is necessary and not knowing anything, the most important is enjoying challenges and be more than 10 years old. The course explored is 2 km, there is also the waterfall rappelling with 35 meters, another 15 meters of a rappel, jump 15 meters, about five or six meters of groups activity for 10 people.
  • Waterfall Rapel: The nearby of Serra do Tabuleiro is rich in waterfalls and cascades. One of them, Rio Salto Waterfall, has more than 75 meters high and is located in the city of São Bonifácio. The activity consists in the descent of these cascades or waterfalls techniques using vertical and mountaineering equipment.
  • Javelin: In this activity, the proposal is to set fixed targets for certain colors and different scores. The company maintains and organizes a national ranking, composed by the best practitioners.
  • Vertical Tree Climbing: Tree Climbing is an adventure activity to go up or down a tree by using only vertical equipment. The most interesting is that it requires no prior experience to the activity! The challenge is to climb a tree 40 meters high in the middle of the Mata Atlântica, which provides, in addition to moments of excitement to the participants, an intimate contact with the fauna and flora.
  • Trekking: Trekking is a walk through nature trails, which allows the practitioner an intimate contact with the beautiful scenery played by the nature. The paths can be short or long, and vary in their degree of difficulty. The activity provides a moment of appreciation of essential elements in life and can be practiced by anyone who wants to escape the routine, overcoming challenges, explore little or nothing known paths, contemplating nature or simply walk.


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