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Structure and Leisure

Check out all that the structure of the Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz Resort & SPA offers for comfort, fun and rest of your family or your group during your stay with us. They are ten hectares of contact with nature, services of quality and much entertainment.


Adventure Activities

Apuama Rafting and Ecoaventuras, which has been operating since 2003 with various activities within the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, now, with its Apuama Aventuras base at the Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz Resort.
But Apuama goes beyond adventure sports and the adrenaline of winning a challenge. It offers Adventure Tourism with routes and activities of various types, all close to nature, amidst lots of green and fresh air.
Following the safety rules carefully, Apuama’s activities obey the profile of the participants. There are several options for activities with different difficulties for all ages, from children to the best age, including people with disabilities (activities with minimized risks).
The Apuama team is made up of qualified instructors prepared to receive you, your family and your friends with attention and care for fun and safe adventures.
Get to know below the activities offered to guests of the Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz Resort & SPA, paid separately, and learn more about the Apuama here.

– TreeTop Challenge: a mix of acrobatic activities and fauna and flora contemplation, recalling the characteristics of the TreeTop Challenge used by researchers. It is 458 meters long (two zip lines), 14 activities, training section and about two hours of activity. The main feature of course is the functionality because it meets adventurous, third age and children. For kids, there is a special route – the TreeTop Challenge Kids – consisting of eight passes including a fun zip line.
– Rafting: rafting is a team activity with downhill rapids using inflatable boats. Before and during the descent, the participants are instructed on safety conduct for the practice of the sport. Apuama offers three options:
Rafting for all ages: in the Cubatao River, with clean and transparent water, the practitioner is surrounded by lush forest of the Serra do Tabuleiro Park. This route is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy nature without much adrenaline. They are class II rapids, in a 3 km course and approximately 1h30min in duration.
Adventure Rafting: in the Cubatao River you can find excellent rapids, ideal for those who look for excitement. In the Adventure Rafting the descent is done in rapids of class III and IV, but anyone without experience can participate. This route covers 4 km and is approximately 2 hours long. The minimum age is nine years old.
Black Canyon Expedition: a long descent through a remote place at the base of the Serra do Tabuleiro, surrounded by untouched Atlantic Forest and majestic mountains. During this 14 km adventure, in addition to a lot of excitement in the class III + rapids, a stop is made for a short walk to one of the region’s waterfalls to bathe in the natural pool and, after another part of the path in the rapids, another stop for snack. The descent is done in double inflatable kayaks with instructors and lasts an average of 4 hours. Suitable for adults and children from 12 years of age.

– Walk to Pico do Tabuleiro: a walk in the middle of a lot of nature. Pico do Tabuleiro is 1,241 meters above sea level, which provides an unforgettable view. The activity is practiced with minimum groups of three people, lasts about 7 hours round trip. The level of difficulty is high.

– Walk to Cachoeira do Rio Vermelho: located in the heart of Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, Cachoeira do Rio Vermelho is a place of rare beauty, with three jumps, the first being 70 meters long and the other two 30 meters high each. Great place for bathing. The activity lasts approximately 3 hours and with groups of at least three people. The level of difficulty is medium.

– Rappelling at the Cachoeira do Rio do Salto: currently, the descent technique (rappelling) has also been used as an adventure tourism activity in waterfalls, buildings, mountains, bridges and caves. It is a very safe activity when practiced in accordance with safety regulations. The Cachoeira do Rio do Salto is located on the border of the municipalities of Sao Bonifacio and Aguas Mornas and is approximately 50 meters high. Access to the waterfall is easy and the view is incredible. A refreshing bath in the natural pools awaits the participants at the end of the descent.

– Rappelling at the Cachoeira da Ressurreiçao: in the middle of the preserved forest, the Forquilhas river in the municipality of Aguas Mornas forms a 35-meter waterfall where rappelling for beginners is perfect. The activity is three hours long.

– Canyoning: near the Resort, in Mata Atlâtica, city of Aguas Mornas, more precisely Forquilhas River, is one of the local practice of canyoning. This activity explores rivers on foot, by swimming, jumping, floating and using vertical techniques. No previous experience is necessary and not knowing anything, the most important is enjoying challenges and be more than 10 years old. The course explored is 2 km, there is also the waterfall rappelling with 35 meters, another 15 meters of a rappel, jump 15 meters, about five or six meters of groups activity for 10 people.

– Javelin: in this activity, the proposal is to set fixed targets for certain colors and different scores. The Apuama team also teaches how to handle the bow and arrow using pressure markers.

Paragliding free flight: the paragliding flight take-off point is Morro do Queimado, in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, starting at an altitude of 620 meters. During the trip it is possible to have a view of the Santa Catarina’s coast and Serra Geral. This adventure sport can be practiced by anyone with good health and who likes height. The service includes all safety equipment and protocols, specialized drivers, adventure insurance, as well as an optional photo service. The activity lasts an average of 15 minutes, flights every day between 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.


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