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Campina Grande do Sul - PR. Campina Grande do Sul city is located on the paranaense plateau, on the banks of the BR-116, and is part of the metropolitan region of Curitiba. Its history goes back to the year 1666 being denominated by the first settlers that in her they found a great meadow. The term "southern" was added at the time of its political emancipation to differentiate it from the no less historic Campina Grande, in Paraiba.
Among its tourist attractions are the Ari Coutinho Bandeira Park, on the banks of the Capivari dam, being very frequented by tourists for fishing and water sports; the Mother Church of Saint John the Baptist; the Events Arena, the largest indoor arena in Latin America; dozens of waterfalls and rivers, in addition to the Parana Peak, one of the postcards of the city, whose summit can be seen beyond Curitiba and the Atlantic Forest.
The Parana Peak or "Pico do Parana" is the highest mountain in the Southern Region of Brazil (1877 m high), a rocky formation of granite and gneiss between the city of Antonina and Campina Grande do Sul, in the mountain range called Ibitiraquire ( "Green Saw" in Tupi). The "Pico" is formed by three peaks: by the own Parana Peak (also called "PP"), Uniao and Ibitirati. In this last one is the highest wall of granite of Brazil, with 1050 meters of height. It is approximately four to eight hours of uninterrupted walking to reach the summit, so the general recommendation is that the ascent is not made by beginners, and it is important to take the necessary precautions, especially in the winter period, since the frequent occurrence of negative temperatures.

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