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Sport Rate

Plaza Hotels Sport Rates for those who come to Porto Alegre, Blumenau, Rio and Bahia in the periods of the games or sporting events

When you come to Porto Alegre, Blumenau, Rio de Janeiro or Camaçari near Salvador, for soccer games, tennis, basketball, golf, volleyball, hockey, polo or any other sporting event enjoy up to 20% off and 0% interest for 6 months (check the hotel and minimum installment) at Plaza Sao Rafael Hotel, Plaza Blumenau Hotel, Plaza Barra First and Bahia Plaza Hotel. Book through our website agile and quickly.

Check below some sports attractions in the four destinations and nearby areas, plan ahead and book now.


Hotels of this promotion

Plaza São Rafael Hotel - Porto Alegre/RS


CHILDREN Policy: one child aged 12 stay free when sharing their parents’ room.

Check below some sports events in Porto Alegre and nearby areas and schedule yourself.

I Stage Gaúcha Equestrian Cup
March 21 – CHRP

Gaucho Football Championship – Internacional vs. Gremio
March 21 – Beira-Rio Stadium

Gaucho Football Championship
March 25 – Arena do Gremio

Gaucho Athletics Cup
March 20 and 27

Gaucho Football Championship
March 1st – Beira-Rio Stadium

II Rio Grande do Sul Equestrian Cup
April 4 – EEC

RS Athletics Tournament
April 2, 9 and 24

CBI Young Talents – Stage 1
April 17-19

CSE Pre-Jump, 1st Stage Amadores Cup and BH Cup II Stage
April 17-19 – SHPA

CSN – The Best Jump – IV Stage XTC Best Jump
April 30 to May 3 – SHPA

Farroupilha Athletics Tournament
May 4 and 11

Caixa Brazil Athletics Trophy
May 7-10

III Santa Thereza Gaucha Cup
May 9 – HST

World Masters Judo Team Field Training
May 18-22

Caixa State Championships U-20 Athletics
May 23

Farroupilha Athletics Tournament
May 25

CGS Young Knights, Master and BH Cup III Stage
May 29-31 – SHPA

Porto Alegre International Marathon
May 31

CGS Amadores, Base Categories and BH Cup IV Stage
June 12-14 – SHPA

RS Winter Circuit
June 1st, 8th and 15th

Gaucha Equestrian Cup III Stage
June 20 – SHPA

CSE Copa Amadores 2nd Stage – Equestrian
June 21 – SHPA

Caixa State Championships U-18 Athletics
July 4

Lacan Cup, BH Cup V Stage and IV Stage Gaucho Equestrian Cup
July 4-5 – CHL

RS Winter Circuit
July 13, 20 and 27

CSE Copa Amadores 3rd Stage – Equestrian
July 25 – SHPA

BH of Equestrian VI Stage
August 1 – SHPA

CSE Copa Amadores 4th Stage – Equestrian
August 8 – SHPA

Fabricio Romero Trophy – Athletics
August 10, 14 and 24

CGS Amazonas – Equestrian
August 14-16 – SHPA

Gaucha Equestrian Cup V Stage
August 21 – SHPA

II Brazilian Interclub Championship of Young Sailing
September 1st-6

Luciane Dambacher Athletics Trophy
September 7, 10 and 21

Caixa State Championships U-16 Athletics
September 12 and 19

XXVIII Conesul Ocean Sailing Circuit
September 12-30

BH Cup VII Stage – Equestrian
September 19 – CHL

Gaucha Equestrian Cup 6th Stage
September 27 – Bevito

CGC Cavalos Novos, BH Cup Final and Amateur Cup Final 5th Stage – Equestrianism
October 1st and 4 – SHPA

Jorge Teixeira Trophy
October 12, 19 and 23

CSE Santa Thereza Anniversary – Equestrian
October 18 – HST

CGS Senior Equestrian
October 23-25 ​​- SHPA

Cayru Ocean Race
October 24-25

Aquatic Marathon – 6th Race – 10 km – Brazilian Interclubs
Aquatic Marathon – 6th Race – 2.5 km – Interclubes Brazil Cup
October 29

Aquatic Marathon – 6th Race – 5 km – Brazilian Interclubs
Aquatic Marathon – 6th Race – 5 km – Interclubes Brazil Cup
October 30

Night Horse Riding Festival and Gaucho Equestrian Cup Final
November 19-22 – 4th RPMON

South Brazilian Open Golf
November 20-22 – Porto Alegre Country Club

Selective Paris 2024 Judo Stage I
November 21-22

Jose Carlos Daudt Tournament
November 23

Belem Novo Golf Club Open
December 4th to 6th – Belem Novo Golf Club

CGS Schools – Equestrian
December 5-6 – CHL

Arno Ary Schuschow Tournament
December 7, 14 and 21

CBI Young Talents – Stage 2
December 12-15

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