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Porto Alegre - the city of Plaza São Rafael Hotel
Capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre had its origin in the year of 1772 with the Azorean immigrants. Today, its more than 1 million and 300 thousand inhabitants gather around 25 ethnic groups that enrich and diversify their culture.
Bathed by the great Guaiba Lake, popularly called "Guaiba River", it has about 600 urbanized squares and several parks. Characteristics such as afforestation, quality of life, the habit of drinking "chimarrao" and the walks in the parks of the city on weekends make of Porto Alegre a peculiar and unique capital to the look of any tourist.
The nightlife in Porto Alegre is eclectic presenting varied options to all tastes and ages. Where to go and what to do is not lacking, providing every visitor with options of historical and cultural tourism, leisure and entertainment, as well as the warmth and receptivity of the people of Rio Grande do Sul.
Feel free to visit a city "tri legal, tche"! (very cool!)

Plaza São Rafael Hotel



514, Alberto Bins Avenue

Historical Center
Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
Zipcode 90030-140



Phone:+55 (51) 3220 7000

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