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Well-being in the mountains

In addition to taking advantage of the therapeutic properties of thermal water, which comes from the mountains of Serra do Tabuleiro, at the Plaza de Caldas da Imperatriz SPA, you can take advantage of the most modern equipment and beauty and aesthetic treatments and enjoy pleasant moments, relaxing and energizing.


Discover all the individual treatments offered by the SPA Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz:

  • ABHYANGA: Ayurvedic massage performed with vegetable oil and flavorings (chosen by olfactory test) to stimulate circulation and relieve aches and tension, improve flexibility in joints and harmonizing the flow of vital energy. Promotes wellness and relaxation. Duration 90 minutes.
  • ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture is an ancient therapy originating in China, which consists of the application of needles at specific points in the body to treat diseases and promote health. These needles, when applied over some specific regions, are capable of treating various physical or emotional illnesses. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • BAMBOO MASSAGE: massage performed with bamboo and reducer cream to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation, aiding in the treatment of cellulite and remodeling of the silhouette. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • FACIAL CLAY: application of clay mask, with antioxidant and tensile action. It is suitable for all skin types. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • AROMATERAPY: application of hot towels with essential oils of plants (lavender, lemon and orange) to detoxify and relax the body and mind. Duration: 20 minutes.
  • AURICULOTHERAPY: stimulation with seeds at specific points of the ear to alleviate pain or treat various physical or psychological problems, such as anxiety, migraine, obesity or contractures, for example. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • BAMBOO RELAX THERAPY: massage performed with bamboo and essential oil, working on the muscles of the body and face to balance energy and promote muscle relaxation. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • CRYO FACIAL LIFTING: procedure performed with specific apparatus and cosmetics to reduce sagging and enlarged pores. Promotes skin toning, facial rejuvenation and regulates the sweat and sebaceous secretions. Suitable for all skin types. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • DEPILATION: simple groin, armpit, half leg and entire leg.
  • FACIAL DRAINAGE: it is indicated for malnourished, devitalized, tired or oily skin. Stimulates the formation of new fibers and helps to reduce dark circles. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: delicate massage that stimulates the lymphatic system helping to eliminate fluids, decongesting tissues and eliminating toxins. Duration: 60 minutes or 90 minutes.
  • SCHELDT FEET: procedure performed on the feet with exfoliation, massage and soaking the feet in a mini ofuro with water at 38 degrees, coarse salt, salts, herbs and stones. Relaxes and stimulates blood and lymph circulation, relieving fatigue and stress. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • EXFOLIATION: it is made with the mixture of cornmeal, cinnamon and cream of herbs. Provides softness and lightness to the skin, exfoliating the cells. It’s ideal for starting other body treatments. Duration: 20 minutes.
  • ANTI-CELLULITE GEOTHERAPY: application of clay in the region of the buttocks, thighs and outer thighs. Suitable to reduce the cellulite, sagging, fluid retention, fat and circulatory disorders. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • ANTISTRESS GEOTHERAPY: application of clay on the back with a relaxing effect. Recommended to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety, back pain, physical and mental fatigue, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, menopause and hormonal disorders. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • DETOX GEOTHERAPY: application of clay on the abdominal region and reflexology. Indicated for reduce constipation, depression, digestive disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis and intestinal cramps bringing relaxation. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • GOMMAGE: body scrub made with a mixture of crystals, almond oil and grape seeds. It removes the dead cells and roughness of the skin preparing it for absorption of daily moisturizers. Duration: 20 minutes.
  • MOISTURIZING HAIR: massage cream with high frequency to rehydrate and activate circulation restoring the natural moisture of the wires, giving more movement and shine. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • HYDRATION WITH GOLD MASK: it is indicated for mature skin, as it increases the firmness of the skin, reducing and attenuating wrinkles and expression lines. It has high power of hydration, filling and revitalization of the skin, through the chelated gold and calcium. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • BODY HYDRATION: exfoliation done with apricot seed gel (removes the dead cells) followed by shower and application of moisturizing cream with Aloe Vera, renewing the skin. Duration: 25 minutes.
  • FACIAL HYDRATION: procedure performed on the face, lap and hands with moisturizing cream, gentle massage and mask to nourish the skin and improve cellular respiration by relaxing the features. Suitable for all skin types. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • FACIAL DEEP MOISTURE WITH ELECTROPORATION: procedure performed with apparatus (microcurrent, cryo and electroporation) and cosmetics using nanotechnology to promote deep moisturizing and rejuvenating, and activate collagen and elastin face. Suitable for mixed and dehydrated skins. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • SKIN CLEANING: skin deep cleaning that removes aggressive agents, helping to purify the skin. Duration: 90 minutes.
  • MADERO THERAPY / WOOD THERAPY: massage performed with contouring board (a wooden instrument called “Pantala” in Brazil) and reducer lotion to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation, aiding in the treatment of cellulite and remodeling of the silhouette. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • MANICURE and PEDICURE: duration: 30 minutes each.
  • MARINE REJUVENATING: facial procedure performed with marine elements (pearl powder, serum and seaweed) using sea shell massage and application of the BioCeramics Navy Mask. Rejuvenates mature, dehydrated or devitalized skins. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • AROMA MASSAGE: with essential oils for stress, physical and mental fatigue, fluid retention, depression, aches and insomnia. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • INDIAN MASSAGE: body treatment performed with oils and aromas that further enhance the benefits of massage, acting in the physical and energetic field to restore physical, mental, energetic and emotional well-being. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • RELAX MASSAGE: body treatment performed with various types of movements that activates the circulation, relieving tension and promoting muscle relaxation. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: body treatment performed with several types of movements that relieve pain and tension resulting from poor posture or muscle contractions. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • TUI NA MASSAGE: chinese therapy which is designed to unblock the flow of energy and stimulate the points (meridians) relieving tension and muscle aches acting in the energy balance. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • MASSOFILAXY: technical made with strong movements, localized massage and lymphatic drainage. Recommended to shape the body and eliminate toxins. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • DIAMOND PEELING WITH DECONGESTANT MASK: procedure performed with specific apparatus and cosmetics to promote skin rejuvenation. Promotes cell renewal, reducing pores and control sebum. Suitable for mixed and seborrheic skins. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • PINDAS: Oriental massage with bundles of linen with herbs, essential oil and sea salt that exfoliates, moisturizes and cleanses the skin. Unblocks the energy points reassuring the nervous system and promotes physical and emotional well-being. Duration 60 minutes.
  • PLASTIC HAIR: its rich formula treats hair internally and returns them to “life”, realigning and sealing the cuticles. Its action is immediate. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • PRESSOTHERAPY: lymphatic Drainage, held in the lower limbs, with handset through pressure, ideal for removing fluids and toxins. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • QUICK: massage of Japanese origin that emphasizes the energy balance of the body and cervical, dorsal and upper limb muscle relaxation. Duration: 20 minutes.
  • REFLEXOLOGY: massage involving application of rhythmic pressures to the feet at specific points according to a complex “map” where the points of the foot are associated with organs of the human body. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • REIKI: is the channeling of Universal Energy through the palms. It harmonizes the energy system, promoting physical, mental and spiritual balance. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • FACIAL REVITALIZING: procedure performed with apparatus (pelling diamond, microcurrent, cryo and electroporation) and cosmetics using nanotechnology to promote skin regeneration. Promotes cell renewal, reducing large pores, control oiliness, activation of collagen and elasti, whitening and facial revitalization. Suitable for all skin types. Duration: 90 minutes.
  • SHIATSU: holistic therapy which consists in releasing the flow of energy through the application of the pressure of the fingers and hands, relieving tension from the body and causing a great relaxation. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • FALL HAIR TREATMENT: hair massage with 100% natural products (exfoliating clay shampoo and lotion fall tonic), which remove impurities and excess oils restoring the hair follicle, preventing falls and stimulating hair growth. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • HOT STONE THERAPY: transmission of electromagnetic energy that balances body, mind and spirit. The energetic channels (chakras) are opened, providing calm, restful sleep and greater peace of mind. It harmonizes the masculine/feminine energy and yang/yin energy. Duration: 90 minutes.
  • TERMOSLIM: treatment with creams, osmotic film and warm blankets applied to the abdomen, legs and arms for localized fats, with little drainage at the end. Increases oxygenation and metabolism and accelerates the body’s chemical reactions. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • THAI HERBAL: combination of Thai massage with natural herbs and essential oils. Energizes the body and mind, relieves muscular pain, moisturizes the skin and detoxifies the body, helping to reduce fluid retention. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • TURBOCHARGED: massage with rigorous movements made with suction roller and reducer cream with brown algae. Ideal for treating cellulite and localized fat, aiding in the measures reduction. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • ULTRA VAC: apparatus with Ultrasound, alternating currents and indermoterapia that promotes good results in measures reduction and body sculpting. Innovative and differentiated technology. The revolution of combination therapies. Duration: 50 minutes.

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