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Flexible Rates, as the name states, offer more flexibility to daily rates of the Plaza Hotels and more price options for your reservation. The concept applies to the best public daily rate, which means it is available to everyone.

How do the rates vary?
The rates vary according to the occupancy of the hotels and may change on a daily basis, without prior notice.

What are the advantages of Flexible Rates?
The Flexible Rates are fair, since during low season periods, lower prices are charged and, during high season, the prices are adjusted. The big advantage is that the buyer will always have access to a price that is compatible with the demand of the period.

How can I get the lowest price?
The best way to get the lowest price is booking ahead of time through the toll-free Reservations at 0800.7075292. You can also take advantage of the low season periods, if you have flexible travel plans and make your reservation when calling to consult rates or even through our site at in order to guarantee that exact daily rate.

Are the Flexible Rates always lower than my agreed rate?
Yes, the Flexible Rates may be lower than your agreed rate during some periods, depending on hotel occupancy.

Even if my company or agency has an agreed rate, can I book through the Flexible Rate?
Yes. If the Flexible Rate is available when you make your reservation, you may choose to book using your agreed rate or the Flexible Rate. You decide.

How can I get an agreed rate?
The agreed rate is negotiated based on a production analysis, it requires registration and a minimum number of overnight stays. If you wish to request an analysis, send an email to our commercial department:

Are the Flexible Rates commissioned?
Yes, for the commissioned agreements.

For reservations and other information, call: 0800.7075292 (only in Brazil) or +55 (51) 3210.8500.

The completion of the National Guest Registration Form is an obligation – in compliance with Federal Law No. 11,771 / 2008 – for we make your check-in. But this filling will be done only once. From there, your registration will be in our database, facilitating your next stay with us.

The rooms of a hotel usually have two single beds or one double bed. In the case of a triple accommodation, this can have three single beds or one double and one single, plus an extra bed added as an option offered in some Plaza units.
If you are traveling alone, you can opt for an individual accommodation (one double or two single beds). If you are a couple, you can choose a double room with a double bed or two single beds as you wish. The reservation engine of Rede Plaza de Hotels offers each category divided by the number of beds to facilitate your choice. A much more practical way for you to have no doubts when booking.

A conjoined room is the one with access from one to the other, through an internal door. It is an excellent choice for families who wish to stay close while maintaining the intimacy of each accommodation.

Typically, the apartment consists of one room and the suite, for two rooms (bedroom and antechamber).

Full Board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. It does not necessarily include beverages.

Half board includes breakfast and dinner or lunch. It does not necessarily include beverages.

All Inclusive is a food system where all meals and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) consumed in the hotel are included in the package price and can be consumed at will during the stay.
Normally, All Inclusive is confused with Full Board, but Full Board does not necessarily include beverages. Rede Plaza does not usually offer the All Inclusive system.

In order to host minors, it is necessary to present their identity document or birth certificate.
We also remind you that, according to the Brazilian legislation (articles 82 and 250 of the Statute of the Child and Adolescent, Law No. 8,069, as amended by Law No. 12.038), it is forbidden lodging a minor, child or adolescente, in a hotel, motel or similar establishment, unless accompanied by the parents or guardian, or authorized (in writing) by them or by the judicial authority. The written authorization must be presented at the reception desk upon check-in, as well as the identity documents or birth certificate of the child.

The service charge is charged by the hotel on the sale of products / services. In the Plaza Hotels Chain, some units have the inclusion of the service fee (usually 10%). This rate is not the same as we usually choose to pay in establishments like restaurants, where the waiter gorges the good service. Here it is a fee that is agreed between the employees and the hotel trade union. This agreement is differentiated by union. Hence the difference of some Plaza Hotels have to add the rate and others do not.

Check-in is your presentation at the hotel, usually the time you register being disclosed, also, to determine the time that the guest can enter the hotel. Check-out is when you close your account at the hotel, paying the amounts due and handing over the room key.

Early check-in is when the hotel grants the guest entrance to the apartment prior to the scheduled check-in time. Late check-out is when the guest needs to leave after the check-out time set by the hotel. The hotel may charge an extra both early check-in and late check-out. See availability in both cases.

Upgrade is a concession that the hotel does, offering a higher level room than what was booked. For example, if you stayed in a Standard room, the upgrade can be given to a Superior room. The hotel gave you, therefore, a higher level accommodation than the one you paid for (at no cost).

The lobby usually it is in front of the reception, most of the times, in ground floor of the hotel with more than one floor.

The Room Service caters for requests for food and drinks served in the rooms being a great choice for guests who would like a meal on their arrival or departure during the night or between meals of the day.

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